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Pallet Handling System

The TGM Pallet Handling System allows your product to be transported with convenience and safety. Its modular configuration enables high customization capacity, adapting to specific needs and the scalability of your business. Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with the TGM Orbitali Pallet Wrapper, ensuring agility, productivity, quality, all within a single product.


  • Effective integration between production and dispatch
  • Increased operator safety and reduced labor
  • Intelligent recipe selection
  • Elimination of pallet collisions and damages
  • Remote access
  • Lifting table
  • Weighing device equipped with 4 load cells
  • Safety light curtain (NR-12)
  • Pallet alignment system
  • Automatic corner application device (optional)
  • Intelligent pallet distribution system to output buffers
  • Extended warranty